Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Psychic Visits Our House


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My last two blog posts (please see the August 18 and 24 blog posts), I told about strange things that have been happening at our new house, one thing that could have been hurtful, even potentially very dangerous!

Therefore, I decided to contact someone we know, a psychic, to come for a visit to our house, to let us know what is going on and what we might be able to do about it.

We set up a day and time when Greg and I would both be at home for the psychic (whom I'll refer to as Anne, to protect her privacy) to visit and to give her take on everything.

When Anne arrived, after saying hello, she immediately started sensing things.  She said our living room was merely a pass-by room for spirits, and the dining room had a lot of positive energy.  The furniture in there was fine, but there were three spirits attached to an old corner cupboard, two males and one female which she described in detail, as she sees "dead people," just like on the popular paranormal TV show, The Dead Files.

We were anxious for her to get to our garage where that heavy board fell which I told about in my last two blog posts.  Surprisingly, she didn't sense anything out of the ordinary.  Apparently, our ordering the negative spirit that had caused the board to dislodge by itself and land on the floor below, had worked.  We felt a sense of relief.

However, just when we thought everything was OK, as she approached a room upstairs, she said there was something not right around our study area.  She said there was something about a clock that was not good.  Greg pointed to a clock that was in our study, but she was not persuaded, as she insisted that that was not the clock, that there was another one in a nearby area.  I happened to think about an antique clock that was high on a shelf in a small adjacent room, right off the closet.  It was there because we were trying to decide what to do with it.  I liked it.  I thought it was pretty and wanted to display it, but Greg didn't like it.  Looks like Greg was right, because when I showed it to her, she told us in no uncertain terms to get rid of it!  It was very bad, that the owner was not a nice person.  (All this reminded us of The Haunted Collector, one of my favorite shows.)

 The Pretty, But Not-So-Nice Antique Clock

Just as soon as she left, Greg took the thing out to a distant storage building where it still resides as we're still trying to decide its fate.

She went on to tell us more really interesting tidbits about our furniture and various other areas in our house that I'll include in another paranormal book I'm working on which will probably come out next year.

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  1. It's funny that we had the discussion about this at the Tolliver house ;-) ~Holly~

    1. Hey, Holly. That's right. We did. Thanks for visiting my "Spirit Photographs" blog. I really appreciate your support and spreading the word about both my book and blog.
      Take care, Becky