Sunday, September 8, 2013

Earliest Paranormal Photo


Today, I'd like to share with you the earliest-known paranormal photo that was taken by a member of my family. 

As I said in my book, Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind, I was often the subject in my father's photographs when I was growing up, as evidenced in the photo below.  Just this past week, I found this photo among some things that I hadn't see in a long while.  It was taken by my father when I was a small child in the yard of our old house.  Note the ectoplasm on the left side of the photo.  Used to, we'd say that something was wrong with the film.  Now, we know better. 

Looks as though my father had the gift of taking spirit photographs.  Most of us do (although some do more than others), and we don't even realize it.

This photo is not in my book and I've never shared it with anyone before.  It is, however, similar to some of those in Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind.  If you enjoyed this photo, I believe you'd love my new book.  You can find it at, www.barnes&, and  

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