Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Paranormal Book

Welcome back!

I just wanted you to know that my new paranormal book is now available in either paperback or PDF download.

The title of the book is Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind.  It contains paranormal photographs that my brother, my husband, other people, and I have taken throughout the years. 

Many ghost books only show pictures of buildings that they say are haunted, and then they tell a story about them, but there's nothing supernatural about the photos.  However, almost all of the photos in my book (around 110) contain some type of ectoplasm in them, with interesting tidbits or stories about each one.

In addition, I also have a couple of chapters, as a sort of bonus, that are devoted to true, never-before- told ghost stories.

This Saturday, July 27, I will be at the June Tolliver House in Big Stone Gap, Virginia for a book signing.  In the book, I devote a whole chapter to the haunted June Tolliver House.  One of the pictures in that chapter is the locally famous June Tolliver House ghost picture.

Hope to see you there!

Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind
(by Becky Arnott)

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