Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Paranormal Photographer"


In a recent local newspaper article about the "Ghosts in the Gap" event in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, I was referred to as a "paranormal photographer."  I guess that's a pretty good description of what I do, but I don't feel I'm any more special than anyone else because I have this ability.

In fact, we all have paranormal or psychic abilities, if we only realized it.  In some people, it's just a little more highly developed than in others.  Psychic ability can take many forms: predicting the future by reading tarot cards, etc., psychic dreams, seeing spirits, and, of course, taking paranormal photos, among others.

During last weekend's "Ghosts of the Gap," one of the people that came by (for my talk about the June Tolliver House and its ghosts and a demonstration of taking paranormal photos), felt like he couldn't take a paranormal photo since he had tried once and had failed.  I encouraged him to try it again, and by golly, he did it!  He seemed elated for having done so.  His picture looked about as good as mine.

The paranormal is a fascinating subject, and if you enjoy paranormal photos and stories, check out my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind."  It has real paranormal photos that I, and others that I know, took, and true ghostly stories mostly from East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Lately, I have been wearing this button when I go out-

It was designed by talented graphic designer Lynn Ashley who owns Good Shepherd Graphics in Columbia, Tennessee.  It was made into a button by Dan Olson, owner of Imaginart Promotions in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

People ask me how to get a copy of my book.  It's easy.

You can:
Order online from:  (See the picture of my book [widget] at the top of this blog post.)
Buy from local shops:
-June Tolliver House, Big Stone Gap, Virginia
-The Clapboard House, Wise, Virginia
-Atlantis, Johnson City, Tennessee
-The Old Curiosity Book Shop, Columbia, Tennessee

Please let me know how you like my book!  Enjoy!

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