Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Strange and Unexplained!


On this post, I want to tell you about all of the strange and unexplained things that Greg and I have been experiencing during the past couple of weeks-

We have had things not working-our car, two different parts of our computer, my label maker, and our washing machine, but miraculously, they all started working again!

Another strange thing that happened recently was that I was shopping at our local pet store for cat food, when another woman was there as well, looking for the very same brand of cat food that I was. I wanted to get new two new flavors of the food that I had seen online for our cats to try, and the nice woman helped me look for them, and together, we found them. Normally, both she and I buy our cat food from the same online company. 

I asked her what her name was, and she said that it was Becky, which is my name. She was also born the same month I was, and she lived in an old, over-one hundred-year-old house, and you might have guessed it, Greg and I also live in an old, over-one hundred-year-old house!

She told me that her husband had died five years ago, and that she had a sick friend who was in the hospital, and that she was worried about her, so I told her that I would pray for her friend. She thanked me for that, and I thanked her for helping me find the cat food.

I told Greg about my meeting the woman, and he thought it was strange also.

Then, as if this weren't enough, a couple of weeks ago, I was upstairs, walking through our art room, when I noticed that two of my photo collages were lying face down on top of some arty calendars that I had on display there. 

Calendars on display with two photo collages. 
(This is how they normally look. They have been like this for the past three years, except that every January I put a new calendar on the far wall.)

I wondered how the collages ended up like that. We have two indoor cats, but how a cat could knock them both down without messing up the calendars that are loosely lying there is beyond my understanding. I simply picked up the collages, and put them back where they belonged. 

I got busy with other things, and completely forgot to mention the incident to Greg, when a few days later, Greg told me that he had heard a noise in the art room when he was in the bedroom changing clothes, and that he went to investigate. He then described the very same thing that had happened to me-the collages had fallen over without disturbing the calendars! He couldn't explain this unusual phenomenon either.

Mysterious things do sometimes happen, and I try to make sense of them.

As for the incidents Greg and I have recently experienced, I would interpret them like this-

~ As for the things that tore up and fixed themselves, I would say that it 's God's way of saying that no matter how bad things appear to be, that He is in control, and can fix all things, that we just have to be positive and believe.
~ I think that I was meant to meet the sweet lady in the pet store for a couple of reasons. It was to remind us all that we need to help and support each other, especially during this time of the year, and that kindness matters.
~ Regarding the calendar incident, it could be that some of my artistic family members who have passed on are trying to encourage us to work on our art as well as other things since the collages were photographs of them and us and our artwork.

I haven't consulted my psychic in several months, but I plan to do so soon to see if my interpretations of the strange things that have been happening are correct. I also have some other things that I need to discuss with her. Please stay tuned for more....

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Love, Greg and Becky

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, January 21, 2023, Becky

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