Saturday, December 28, 2013

Supporters of the Paranormal


Here, at year's end, I'd just like to express my appreciation to all of you who have supported this blog and my new book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind."

At the risk of leaving someone out, I'd like to thank, among others, my Followers, my blog readers, those who helped me get my book published, those who came to my book signings, those who hosted my book signings, those who have bought my book, those who plan to buy my book, those who wrote articles and blog posts about my book, those who have sent me complimentary emails and letters and have said nice things to me in person, those who have told others about my blog and book, those who have liked my book page on Facebook, and those who showed up at the first "Ghosts of the Gap" event in Big Stone Gap, Virginia.  (If I accidentally left anyone out, I'm thankful for you, too!)

Speaking of "Ghosts of the Gap," I'd especially like to thank the wonderful paranormal group who does ghost investigations for people around the Southwest Virginia, etc. area, the Black Mountain Paranormal Society.  I met some of the members at my Big Stone Gap book signing and worked with them during the "Ghosts of the Gap" event.  This spiritual group has been very supportive of both my blog and book.

                  Me, with a Few Members of the Black Mountain Paranormal Society

Check out their interesting Facebook page, and videos on You Tube!

Thanks for visiting!  Until next Saturday, Becky

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