Saturday, January 21, 2017

Paranormal Book and Other Paranormal Info


Starting today, the third Saturday of each month is when I'll publish my "Spirit Photographs" blog post, at least for now.

If you enjoy my "Spirit Photographs" posts, I'd like to recommend my paranormal book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," which is full of paranormal photos, most of which my husband, Greg, and I took. Many of the photos were taken in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, and some were taken in other states and in Europe.

There are also true ghostly stories in the book, about events that happened to Greg and me, as well as to others we know.

The book even includes the regionally famous June Tolliver House ghost photo which my brother, Nick, took when he was a school boy.

To get a copy of my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," by Becky Arnott, you can order online from: (See the widget at the top of this blog post which features my book.)  

Thanks, and enjoy!

Some other paranormal info:

My sister-in-law Cris sent me a copy of the online paranormal newsletter she gets, "American Hauntings Ink," which is from the paranormal website

The website features ghost books, ghost hunts, ghost tours, and various other paranormal events.

Their current newsletter tells all about their upcoming ghost hunts, etc., including "Night at Fox Hollow Farm" in Carmel, Indiana in April, and "The Dead of Winter Festival" in February. These events are not for the faint of heart! (Many of these events are already sold out since they are so popular! Don't worry, however, if you miss out on these that are listed because "American Hauntings" offers these tours, etc. all year long.)

I recently discovered an intriguing ghost-hunter television show "Paranormal Lockdown" which stars Nick Groff, who used to be on "Ghost Adventures." It's on TLC on Friday nights at 9/8C. You just might want to check it out, if you  haven't already. Hope you don't get too scared!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, February 18, 2017, Becky

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