Saturday, October 17, 2020

Would You Buy a Haunted House?


I've recently been going through my many photographs, and I found three that I decided to put on this blog post. 

A few years ago, Greg and I were looking for a house to buy in Middle Tennessee. We looked at several before we found one that we really loved.

The following photos are of a house that we almost bought-

In the above photo is the den of the house. It looks perfectly normal except for the moonlike orb on the wall!

That isn't all!

Look at the mirror in the children's room with its orbs and lines!

I loved this bathroom. I thought it was so pretty! But, notice the white lines in this mirror! These are not found in a normal mirror!

Of course, just looking at the above rooms with the necked eye, most people, unless they are psychic, don't, as a rule, see orbs floating about, nor do they see lines in mirrors.

I don't see these things until they show up in the photographs I take. That is the same for my husband, Greg and my brother, Nick. We are all psychically gifted in that strange things often show up in the photographs we take.

I tell about our adventures in psychic photography in my book which is on Amazon. It's called, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind." Please see the widget above for more details.

As far as the house in the above photos goes, we loved parts of the house, the bathroom, the screened-in porch, and the beautiful kitchen. However, there were parts of the house we didn't really like. Besides, the paranormal stuff going on in there was not something we wanted to deal with at that time.

Here is more strange house stuff: The house we finally decided to buy in Tennessee was directly behind the house we almost bought, and the kitchen we loved finally came to us in the house in Virginia where we now live! The two kitchens could be twins! Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction!

Although the house we live in now is somewhat haunted, it's okay with us because it's our dream home. It's a semi-fixer-upper, and we've put a lot of ourselves into it, making it into the perfect house for us. So far, so good! Some unusual things have been happening the last few weeks in our house and cabin which I'll mention next month unless something else comes up! You just never know about the paranormal! It's just so darn  unpredictable!

Question: Would you buy and live in a haunted house?

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, November 21, 2020, Becky

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Creepy Virginia Creeper Trail


Greg and I recently visited the Virginia Creeper Trail which starts not far from where we live.

It was beautiful day. We enjoyed the picturesque scenery, and we took some pictures as we often do when we visit different places, especially when they're new to us.

I started noticing faint ectoplasm in some of the photographs like in the photo above. The horse and the small cluster of leaves behind the horse look washed out.

Not only that, look at the photo that Greg took of me below!

 When I saw this photo, I got a little upset, and said, "Just look at my face, arms, everything, bleached out! What's going on?" Greg assured me that it was okay, and reminded me of the picture I took of him on the grounds of a mansion in Georgia that is said to be haunted. In that photo, Greg's face, body, and most of the tree behind him appear to be bleached.

(The photo I took of Greg is in my paranormal book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" which is on Amazon. For more information, please see the widget above.)

A couple of days later, at home, I ran across an intriguing book that I had bought several years ago that I had never taken the time to read. The book is "Legends, Stories and Ghostly Tales of Abingdon and Washington County, Virginia" by Donna Akers Warmuth. This is the very area where we now live. I had bought the book sometime before we moved to our present home.

I decided to look through the book, and I found a couple of pages that mentioned the Virginia Creeper Trail! According to the book, there used to be train tracks where the nature trail is today. When the tracks were being laid, many of those that worked on the tracks died due to horrible working conditions, and their bodies were dumped along the tracks in shallow graves. Therefore, the area became haunted by the spirits of the men that had once worked there!

Sounds of moaning have been heard there at night, and dogs refuse to go on the Creeper Trail at night.

My advice is to go and see the beauty and walk the trail during the day, but by all means, don't go at night!

Our cabin update: More strange things have happened in connection with our cabin/house. I'll fill you in next month unless something else even bigger happens in the meantime. You just never know!

Thanks for visiting! Until, Saturday, October 17, 2020, Becky

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Weird Happenings at the Cabin


On my 5/16/20 "Spirit Photographs" blog post, "A Haunted Cabin," I wrote about the unfinished cabin that is on our property. I had done a ritual of smudging using white sage, and I had convinced myself that the cabin was free of any paranormal activity, but now, I don't think so for two reasons.

First of all, one day, a few weeks ago, I went on the porch of the cabin to see about the plant that was there, when I heard an unexplained noise come from inside the cabin. This is not unusual as this has happened before.

Then, just moments later, I felt the floor of the porch slightly, subtly, and briefly vibrate beneath my feet. I couldn't believe what I was feeling, since I would never have suspected something like that would happen. That was really weird, to say the least!

Cabin Porch

Then, a few days later, I saw Greg out working in the yard, and I decided to take a picture of him as an example of  a person doing something that he loved to do for my other blog, "The Art of Positive Living." 

That little plan was foiled, however, when, despite my holding my camera perfectly still, the whole picture looked as though I'd shaken it on purpose! I've encountered this same phenomenon before when in the presence of paranormal activity.

The cabin is directly behind the tree that Greg is standing in front of.

I started to wonder why the sage ritual that had worked successfully for me before had apparently not worked on the cabin. I finally decided that the new sage that I'd used was barely smoking, and that I'd have to work on the sage to make it burn better to get better results. 

We have been really busy working on our house the past few months, and I haven't had much extra time to devote to working anything such as the paranormal. However, I'm going to carve out some time soon to rid the cabin of  the weird happenings taking place there.

In a few months we hope to either rent out the cabin or to use it as a guest cottage, but the way things are now, I don't believe anyone would want to stay there unless they are real ghost enthusiasts with nerves of steel!

I'll have an update next month on the cabin, plus, Greg and are are planning to visit a creepy area near where we live soon, so please stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, September 19, 2020, Becky

Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Haunted Lamp


A few weeks ago, Greg and I needed something to brighten our dimly lit dining room. We looked through an antique shop, and we found just the perfect solution to brighten up the room, a beautiful antique Victorian floor lamp for an unbelievably inexpensive price.

Antique Floor Lamp

We took the lamp home with us, and placed it in the dining room. We were tired, so we went on to bed. Before I went to sleep, it barely crossed my mind that the lamp might have something negative attached to it. As I was falling asleep, I dismissed the thought, and the image of the lamp gradually faded away.

During the night, I was awakened by the sound of a turning doorknob. (I'm a very light sleeper.) A couple of minutes later, I heard a loud thud coming from somewhere in the house, like something had dropped to the floor.

After a few minutes, when I didn't hear anything else, I decided that I'd not wake up Greg, that I must have just imagined that a doorknob had turned, that I had probably just dreamed it. And, I figured that our cats had knocked over something (like our new lamp!), although they rarely ever do.

After lying awake for a while, and not hearing anything else, I finally fell asleep again.

The next morning, I told Greg about what I'd heard during the night. We looked around the house, and everything looked the same, nothing had been turned over, and nothing had fallen to the floor or anywhere else. The cats were off the hook!

I suddenly looked at our newly-purchased antique lamp, and then it occurred to me that this lamp might have been the source of the sounds that I had heard last night. My first thought was to contact John Zaffis, the "Haunted Collector," from the old paranormal television series on Syfy (2011-2013), but I decided that idea was not feasible.

A better, easier solution was to get out my white sage and to smudge the lamp to get rid of any negative, or even evil, energy, spirits, or entities, which I did. After I performed the ritual, we haven't heard any other strange noises during the night or anytime, thank goodness!

Now, we just have a beautiful antique Victorian floor lamp with no negative entities attached! Happy!

For performing a smudging ritual, please see my previous paranormal blog post, posted on June 21, 2020, entitled "Getting Rid of Negative Entities."

I'd just like to caution everyone to be careful about anything you bring into your house, especially antiques. You just don't know where they have been, or what is attached to them.

Happy smudging!

Thanks for visiting!, Until Saturday, August 15, 2020, Becky

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Getting Rid of Negative Entities


On my last "Spirit Photographs" blog post on 5/16/20, I mentioned that I would probably use sage to get rid of any remaining negative entities and spirits on our property.

Several years ago, a local psychic, Linda, gave me a ritual to get rid of negative spirits. She told me to burn white sage which is called smudging. To do it properly, you put the sage in an abalone shell and fan it with a feather as you go through each room of  the house or other building. She said to be sure to also include the attic, basement, closets, and porches, etc., as well as the main rooms.

Burning Sage on our Front Porch

Also, it was important to throw a pinch of salt in the corners of each room as I walk through the different areas. (Another psychic Elaine Watson that I consulted while writing my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," [See widget above for more information.] said that I also needed to put salt in all four corners of the house, both inside and outside.)

While doing the smudging ritual, I should say something like, "Any negative energy or entities in this house or on our property must leave now! You must leave, and you are not allowed to return. You are not welcome here! Only good, positive energy and entities are welcome for our best and highest good."

When cleared, Greg and I should sit in the middle of the house in a meditative state. Then, we imagine a beam of white light at every corner of our property outside. Picture the outside beams coming up and meeting from all corners above our house. They all meet like a ribbon with bows. Then, I say, "It is our intention for the beams to stay and protect our property."

Also, an actual cleaning of the house, like the floors, the walls, etc. is good.

If a negative person has been to our house, or there has been an argument, or even if I have any anger at myself, it's good to say a prayer.

I cleansed the inside of our unfinished cabin using sage, and it looked better than before, but there were still some lingering orbs and ectoplasm. Hopefully, the entities that remain are positive. If there is ever a problem, I'll take further action.

I had taken pictures of a neighborhood cat which was out on our deck several months ago simply because I love taking pictures of animals.

It was a real surprise when I saw the blurred images, some ectoplasm,...

and an almost transparent cat, in the photo above!

Apparently, something paranormal affected my camera.

I recently took the photograph (above) of our deck at night which shows no paranormal activity probably because I smudged our deck and sprinkled salt a few days ago.

I do know that smudging works., and this is why-Our house in Tennessee was on the market for four months, and we had no buyers. Many people looked at our house, but they kept finding fault with it. We just couldn't understand that since we thought that our house and yard were very attractive.

I happened to remember one of our neighbors telling us about all of the negative things that went on there before we bought the house. There were terrible arguments and a divorce, and the couples's child was purely evil, according to our neighbor. After we bought the house, the man even killed himself! Negativity galore!

I thought I'd try smudging the house to see if that would help, and less than a week later, a couple went through the house and immediately fell in love with it. They said it was perfect, and that they would look no further.

For Greg and me, that was nothing short of a miracle! It was out with the negative, and in with the positive. In my opinion, smudging can lead to happy endings!

And, happy summer!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, July 18, 2020, Becky

Saturday, May 16, 2020

A Haunted Cabin


In my previous recent blog posts, I mentioned that I was going to cleanse our house on the advice of a psychic because of the negative energy of the spirit of a man who had previously lived in our house.

I did a salt-burning ritual which is especially good when moving to a new home. After the cleanse, things seemed to go a lot better for several weeks. We didn't hear or see anything strange, until a couple of days ago!

I was sitting by myself in our living room one night when I heard an unexplained noise upstairs, and the very next night, Greg and I were in the living room when we heard an unexplained noise in our nearby hallway. It wasn't our cats because they were accounted for.

I had hoped I wouldn't have to do smudging using sage, but I decided I'd better go ahead with it soon after we heard the strange noises. I'll cleanse not only our house, but any other areas of our property that might need a good cleanse, like our cabin!

I mentioned our cabin briefly on my 9/22/19 blog post. I have a picture of it on that post which shows some ectoplasm on the outside of the cabin.

This is a picture I took a few days ago of our cabin which looks harmless enough, but I wouldn't want to spend the night there!

For one thing, notice especially the upper left window pane in the above photo. It's what I call snow-and-ice-looking ectoplasm which I mention in my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" which is on Amazon. (Please see widget above.)

Then, inside the cabin, which is unfinished,...

there are unmistakable orbs and ectoplasm. I did not shake the camera as I was taking the picture. It was spirits that affected the camera to make the photograph turn out the way it did.

As a comparison, look at the photo below that I took just after I took the one above.

This one (above) looks almost normal!

One of our neighbors said that somewhere nearby, most likely on the hill behind our house, is an old slave graveyard. Greg and I both theorized that perhaps the spirits of the slaves were drawn to this cabin since it probably reminded them of where they used to live.

Also, it's possible that the former owner of our house could be here since he build this cabin himself as a workshop. He died before he could finish it. When I cleansed our house, I asked him to leave. He could have come here since I made it clear that our house was no longer his.

I'd like to recommend an intriguing video on . It's called, interestingly enough, "The Haunted Cabin. "It's about Phil's cabin which he has investigated by a paranormal group. It seems that slaves haunt his cabin!

I'll have an update on the latest about our house, cabin, outbuildings, etc. next month. Never a dull moment at our place!

Thanks for visiting! Until Saturday, June 20, 2020, the first day of summer!, Becky

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Haunted Buildings in Southwest Virginia


And, I'd just like to thank those that have sent me nice comments about my blogs, "Spirit Photographs" and "The Art of Positive Living."

In past blog posts, I've written that our 1901 farmhouse which we've been in for less than a year is haunted, and that I was doing a space cleansing of our house. I plan to do even more cleansing in the next few weeks. I'll tell you the results of those cleansings, plus more strange stories associated with our house on my May blog post.

Our house is not the only place that's haunted in this area of Southwest Virginia.

There are several other buildings that are haunted, as well. Three of them are below. They all house businesses.

This old house (above) is now a restaurant in Abingdon, Virginia. I blotted out the name of the business since I'm not sure the owners would want it to be known that there's more going on here than the serving of good food! Notice the orbs and ectoplasm on the upper right side of the building.

I'm not sure why this photograph is blurred. It could be that the car moved just as I was taking this photo through the car windshield, or it could be that the eerie energy of the place caused the blurring. Blurred or not, there are several obs and ectoplasm in front of, and near this building which used to be a Masonic lodge. It's now a fine bakery in Bristol, Virginia.

Finally, this is a health clinic in the small town of Meadowview. The orbs and ectoplasm are similar to the first photo on this blog post. Maybe spirits are here because illness is associated with this building.

Elaine Watson, the excellent psychic who advised me when I wrote my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," which is for sale on Amazon, (Please see the widget above.) would have said that in these three photos (above) that "Spirits can draw on the sun's order to manifest."

Please stay tuned for more in May!

Thanks for visiting! Until Sunday, May 16, 2020, Becky