Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Old Doctor's Haunted House, Revisited


In my last "Spirit Photographs" blog post that I published on 2/17/18 entitled "Paranormal Photos, One Real and One Not Real!" I told about how a little ghost boy that I saw was not real.

However, since I wrote that post, I revisited the same old doctor's house, and from the last photo I took, I have concluded that it is indeed haunted! Of course, I haven't gotten to go into the house to take any photos since it is a private residence, but I feel sure that Greg and I would get several paranormal photos if we were allowed to go inside.

 The Old Doctor's House

Orbs and ectoplasm abound in this photo; they are on the house, on some of the windows, on the front door, on the rock wall, etc. Some of the orbs and ectoplasm are white and others are in color. Most of them have come in on sunbeams like psychic Elaine Watson explained in my paranormal book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind."

If we ever have a chance to go into the house to photograph it, I will write about it here on this blog. Our best chance to go in to take photos would be whenever the people living there move out. That could be soon because no one ever lives in that house for very long. Wonder why!

"Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" is now available either in paperback or as a kindle download on Amazon. There are over 100 paranormal photographs in the book that I and other people, including my husband, Greg and my brother, Nick have taken. One of those photographs is the famous June Tolliver House ghost photo.

The Amazon link to my book is:

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Paranormal Photos, One Real and One Not Real!


I take a lot of pictures because I love photography, and because I also sell downloads of my photos on iStock which is a part of Getty Images.

When I take pictures, 95% of the time, I don't even think about, or try to take paranormal photos. Fairly often, however, I do get strange images in my photos which I can't always explain.

One day, a few years ago, I noticed that I had so many paranormal photographs that I decided to write a book about them. The book I wrote is entitled "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" which is now available either in paperback or as a kindle download on Amazon. There are over 100 paranormal photographs in the book that I and other people, including my husband and brother, have taken.

You might want to check it out:

A couple of weeks ago, my husband Greg, and I were in town, trying to find a building to meet someone we know, so we went up a street that we don't normally drive on. I looked up and saw an old white house, and I asked Greg if that was where an old doctor used to live (It was also his clinic.), and Greg said it was.

We learned during a ghost tour a few years ago that the house was very haunted. After the doctor moved out or died, the house was sold. The house has changed hands several times since no one lives there very long.

This was one of the few times that I decided to hurriedly take some pictures as we were driving along, to see if I could get anything paranormal.

Later, after we got back home, I decided to look at the photos I'd hastily taken. I examined them closely, especially around the windows, since that's where spirits show up in houses so much of the time. If the spirits were there, I couldn't see them since all but a couple of windows were covered by curtains or blinds.

Then, I noticed a weird figure of a little boy sitting on something like a stool in the front yard. It looked as though you could even see through his legs. Scary!

Anyway, a couple of days later, I got brave and decided to revisit this old house to take more pictures, to see if I could again spot the little ghost boy.

Much to my surprise, the ghost was actually a little yard statue! It had looked so real that it had fooled me, and everyone that I'd shown it to had thought it was real, too! (His legs had looked transparent because the boots he was wearing blended in with the color of the background.)

However, there are at least three real apparitions in my paranormal book including the famous June Tolliver House ghost photo which my brother, Nick, took. Apparitions are rare, but when conditions are right, they can appear. You're really lucky if you can capture them on camera.

This was just not one of those times.

However, my next photo is very real! There are no apparitions, but the photo is a real mystery!

Greg and I love going to parks, so on a rare warm winter day a few weeks ago, we decided to visit a nearby park.

This time of year, there's not really a whole lot to photograph, but as I walked by the river, I thought that I might get a good shot that I could use on iStock.

Instead, I decided that the photo was more suitable for this "Spirit Photographs" blog! Here it is-

Notice the lavender-colored ectoplasm on the trees, and even stranger is the cluster of tiny colored balls just above and to the right of the river. I have no idea what these represent, but I need to find a psychic to explain these to me. The only other time I've noticed this phenomenon was in a photo that I featured in my 11/18/17 blog post entitled, "A Haunted Fall Festival."

Life is mysterious, but I'll be right here, the third Saturday of every month, with my "Spirit Photographs" blog so we can explore and try to solve these supernatural mysteries together!

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The "Marfa Lights"


This blog post features an intriguing phenomenon that you may or may not have heard about, the "Marfa lights."

The Marfa lights are mysterious colorful glowing moving lights that can be seen near the town of Marfa, Texas. The reason they are so mysterious is because no one knows exactly what they are. They have also been called "ghost lights," but some people think they might be UFOs or simply something as mundane as car lights. They were first reported in the 1800s.

I first became aware of the Marfa lights a couple of years ago when I watched a television show which featured them. I thought the lights were fascinating. In fact, I wish I could see them with my own eyes, but alas, Greg and I live in Tennessee, not in Texas.

However, I'm not worried, since it appears that the lights have come to us here in Tennessee!

That brings me to a special photo which I took (below) that has mysterious orange spheres that are similar to the ones in Texas. (The Texas ones are often orange, as well as white, red, green, or blue.) I have nicknamed the ones in my photo "The Tennessee Marfa Lights," after their distant cousins in Texas since I immediately thought of the "Marfa lights" when I saw this photo.

Just like the lights in Texas, these, too, are mysterious. At first, I thought they might be orbs, but they don't really look like the usual orbs. They might just be a form of ectoplasm. If there are any psychics out there reading this post, please let me know what you think these balls are, and why they are there. If you do, I'll publish your answer on this blog.

I have a gift of being able to take paranormal photos, but as far as interpreting them, I can only guess. I leave that to the psychics who give readings.

If you'd like to see photos of the "Marfa lights," just do an Internet search for the lights. They are also on Youtube.

For more about the paranormal, check out my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," which is now available in paperback or as a kindle download on Amazon.

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Spirits


Last Sunday I published a blog post entitled "The Christmas Spirit" (12/10/17) on my "The Art of Positive Living" blog .

However, today, I'm writing a post on this "Spirit Photographs" blog entitled "Christmas Spirits" because of a photo I took last weekend while visiting historic Franklin, Tennessee which, I believe, is not only a very old town, but it is also a very haunted one!

I took some pictures of different Christmas decorations that I thought I might use on my "The Art of Positive Living" blog sometime, but, after I looked at the shots I had taken, I decided they should be on this "Spirit Photographs" blog instead!

I liked the decorations going up the steps, 

and I decided to get a closer shot of the decorations on the door which offered a big surprise upon closer examination-

The lower part of the door was covered in ectoplasm!

I would guess that the owners of this house have had some ghostly problems from the looks of this photo!

Earlier that day, I had taken some photos of an old graveyard which I thought might turn out to be paranormal, but nothing at all showed up, so I just deleted those. Little did I know that just taking pictures of Christmas decorations would produce something supernatural when I least expected it!

Spirits can be anywhere, however; they don't just inhabit graveyards.

For much more about the paranormal, you might enjoy my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," which is available now in paperback or as a kindle download.

This would make a nice, unique Christmas gift for any lover of the supernatural!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Haunted Fall Festival!


On my other blog, "The Art of Positive Living," I recently wrote a post (11/5/17) entitled "Celebrating Fall, Tennessee Style." In that post, I mentioned that Greg and I went to "Pumpkinfest" in Franklin, Tennessee.

Well, on today's post, I have a picture that I took during that same festival, but this photo, unlike the other photos on that "Positive Living" post, has a paranormal twist to it. We might even say that in some respects, according to this photo, this is a haunted fall festival!

Notice the light (ectoplasm) streaming down the front of this building. Also, just to the right of the streaming light, notice the orbs in front of the tree. (I tried to blot out many of the people's faces in this photo for privacy. Otherwise, all I did to this photo was to crop it some, and I added my watermark.)

Spirits seem to like gatherings of people, where there's a lot of energy, and this festival certainly had that with all that was going on there, plus there were a lot of people that attended this festival.

Besides festivals, other places that spirits like to be are parties, family gatherings, schools, and churches, especially if there is something really special going on like a wedding or a funeral. They even haunt graveyards around monuments and memorials honoring them.

Spirits also like to be around objects like memorabilia or something that was important to them while they were alive.

Our loved ones that have passed on like to be around us.

Talented psychic, Justin Chase Mullins, from the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia says, "The Afterlife is not some far away place in the sky. Rather, our loved ones are very near us. You are surrounded by other dimensions and beings."

From the evidence Greg and I get by taking our paranormal photos, I believe the above quote is very true!

In fact, I have written a book on the paranormal, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" that is  available now in paperback or as a kindle download.

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Supernatural Cats


Greg and I don't have to go very far to take spirit photos. In fact, we can get plenty of paranormal pictures right around and even in our own house! This blog post mostly deals with cats and the supernatural!

Since "a picture is worth a thousand words," here are two photos that say it all!-

This is the back of our house. I was taking a picture of it to compare its size to the size of Greg's elephant ears plant, but I didn't know there would be ectoplasm in the windows! In fact, there is an image of a ghostly cat's head in the window on the upper right of our house where our cats' room is located!

Speaking of cats, here's a picture of our Kallie, surrounded by orbs!

This is the photo I took of Kallie which I briefly mentioned in my last "Spirit Photographs" blog post (9/16/17). Here, our cat is looking at our neighbor's cat which is outside, and if they ever got together, the fur would fly! With all of that energy, no wonder there are so many orbs! It could even be that the spirits in our house have gathered to watch the furry confrontation.

In my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," there are over 100 of Greg's and my paranormal photographs which gifted Tennessee psychic Elaine Watson (now deceased) so expertly interpreted. Our kitties, Kallie and Mitzi, are featured in several of those photos.

"Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" is available now, either in paperback or as a kindle download.

Be sure to get in on the Halloween fun during the next few days.

Besides trick-or-treating, there are lots of neat things going on around the country.

-WKRN, Nashville, will present "Haunted Tennessee" this Thursday, October 26. Last year's haunted subjects are featured on WKRN's website.

-For all of us "Munsters" fans, there will be a "The Munsters" marathon on Cozi TV this Saturday, October 28.

-There's a "Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods" event in Spring Hill, Tennessee that you might want to check out since it is a well-done production that has been rated "very scary."

-Also, on October 28, there will be a paranormal Halloween investigation at Henry Horton State Park in Chapel Hill, Tennessee where you just might see a real ghost! has "American Super/Natural" videos from 2014 which are weather-related true tales of the supernatural.These are well-done, quite good, and creepy!

Happy Halloween!

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Paranormal Phenomena Revealed


On this blog post, I'm featuring my husband, Greg, who recently revealed to me several interesting paranormal incidents or phenomena that he had experienced.

A few days ago, I mentioned to Greg that I didn't really have any significant paranormal experiences or photos to share on my "Spirit Photographs" blog this month, and I casually asked him if he had seen or heard anything strange lately, either at home or at work. I was amazed when he told me of three incidents that had happened as long as a year ago that he hadn't before shared with me.

He said that the most recent paranormal event happened at work. (Greg, as well as others, have seen and heard strange things there before, since that place is apparently very haunted due to the fact that it was the site of a horrific battle during the Civil War.) Greg said that a chain that goes across a handrail started shaking on its own. He had never noticed the chain shaking before. However, the rope across from it wasn't shaking at all! (This reminds me of the plant that shook by itself in my last 8/19/17 "Spirit Photographs" blog post, "Haunted Caretaker's House, and More!".)

Another strange incident that Greg revealed happened around a year ago. One day he was in the hallway of our house. As he walked past our front door which happened to be open, the storm door handle suddenly started moving up and down by itself for several seconds!

Finally, the last paranormal event is apparently ongoing. Greg said that several times he noticed something like ectoplasm floating around our living room lampshade! This phenomenon occurs late at night while most of the lights are off. This is unusual for us since the only ectoplasm we have ever seen in the past is in our photos, not with our naked eyes.

I started wondering what was going on with the lampshade, and then I happened to remember what a psychic medium that I had contacted after my mother passed away had said. She told me that my mother's spirit likes one of our lamps. At the time of the reading, I had thought that it was probably the pink antique lamp which we have upstairs that she liked, but now I know it is this one with the ectoplasm which used to belong to my mother.

I have yet to see the floating ectoplasm although I looked a couple of times. I'll let you know in a future blog post if and when I eventually see it myself.

Lamp As It Normally Looks

Here, above, Greg is beside the same lamp which has what appears to be ectoplasm. However, we are unable to get a picture of the floating ectoplasm around the lampshade since it's almost in total darkness when it occurs.

Greg hadn't told me about the above paranormal incidents sooner because either he'd just forgotten about them, and/or he'd thought that maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him.

Greg seems to be very psychic. He has seen at least one ghost which I mention in my paranormal book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind," available now, either in paperback or as a kindle download on Amazon.

Also, if you could use a little more positive in your life, you might enjoy my other blog, .

Paranormal incidents are very unpredictable! Case in point: While I was taking a break from writing this blog post, I noticed that our neighbor's cat was looking in the window from outside at our cats that were inside. I thought it would be cute to take a picture of these cats looking at each other. With the photo I took, I got much more than I bargained for! I'll share it on my next month's "Spirit Photographs" blog post! Please stay tuned!

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