Sunday, November 18, 2018

"Haunted Western North Carolina"


Western North Carolina is a beautiful area which I wrote about in my last "The Art of Positive Living" blog post, "Beautiful Western North Carolina," on 11/4/18, but much of it seems to be very haunted, at least from Greg's and my perspective.

 For photographic proof, see the photo below-

Just look at the various colored orbs and ectoplasm in this picture of Greg coming down the steps at the Pisgah Inn at Mount Pisgah. Not only that, notice the purple color in the foreground! The only other place that I remember this color-on-the-ground phenomenon was some pictures that we took at the Nashville Zoo, and that was several years ago! The color then was a rose color instead of purple, and the shape was more rounded.

Greg was the subject in this photo, of course, but the photos at the zoo were the ones that Greg took of me.

I have another North Carolina haunted story.

Again, on my other blog, "The Art of Positive Living," I wrote a post entitled "Celebrating Twice" on 9/2/18 in which I told about our trip to the Southern Porch, a restaurant in Canton, North Carolina.

The "Southern Porch"

While there, I mentioned to one of the workers that I had heard that the restaurant was haunted. She told me that she had personally not seen anything, but that one guy that worked and even lived there had heard some very strange noises while he was in his apartment when no one else was in the building. That is one very brave man, in my opinion!

Food for thought: How many of us would live in a similar situation?

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Halloween Blog Post


I have a very special Halloween blog post for you since Greg and I got to visit a very special place in St. Francisville, Louisiana, The Myrtles Plantation!

Here it is!-

Although it's a very attractive place, The Myrtles has a dark secret, it's "one of America's most haunted homes"!

Greg and I became aware of The Myrtles from various television shows like "Ghost Hunters."

We enjoyed an interesting, informative tour of the historic antebellum house.

We were pleased that we got to take pictures (without a flash, except for one mirror) since that's what we love to do. (Some historic homes don't allow any pictures to be taken.)

Greg and I took several pictures of the house, but we found that the room above was the most haunted. Notice the red color emanating from the light above this portrait. There is also ectoplasm to the right of the closer vase, at the bottom of the portrait (two places), and on the the wall to the left of the mantle, there is a white orb (unless, instead, it's actually something mundane like a light switch!)

Here's another room in this lovely home, but we didn't catch anything on camera in this room. Instead, when you look into the green room to the left, there is something strange there.

Here's a close-up of that room-

Notice the white orb! Guess what? This is the very same room that has the ectoplasm near the portrait above (two pictures back). This is also the room with a creepy little girl portrait that was finished from a "sitting" after she died!

You never can predict what will happen when you take paranormal pictures.

Some days, some places, you'll easily get lots of great paranormal photos. Other times. the orbs, ectoplasm, and apparitions are few and far between even in the most haunted of houses.

There are different reasons why your paranormal photographs turn out to be good or not so good:

-The weather-for instance, stormy weather seems to attract more spirits, etc,
-You need to use a flash when photographing old mirrors. Otherwise, most of the time, nothing significant will show up.
-The photographer needs to be in a good frame of mind.
-Sometimes, spirits hide, which makes capturing them on camera impossible.
-Usually, taking plenty of pictures insures success in getting paranormal photos.
-Sometimes you get paranormal photos when you're least thinking about them. It's best not to try too hard. 

For example, I was just taking a picture of this lovely country road in Mississippi when the large moving orb was picked up on camera. Wow! Love it!

Now, you might want to try your own paranormal photography skills which can be quite an adventure!

There's plenty to do the next couple of weeks Halloween-wise-visiting haunted houses, forests, etc. (fake and real), trick-or-treating, attending Halloween parties, or even hosting a party of your own!

You might want to head to The Myrtles Plantation in the deep South where you possibly could see or hear something supernatural like some of  the workers and some of the visitors have. If you're brave enough, you could even spend the night there! Find out about the legend of Chloe, and get a paranormal Chloe postcard like Greg and I did! Great inexpensive souvenir!

Anyway, whatever you choose to do this Halloween, be safe and have fun!

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

"Haunted Franklin Tour"


A few days ago, Greg and I went on one of the several "Franklin on Foot" tours. Ours was the "Haunted Franklin Tour" which was fantastic! We got a private tour with our entertaining and informative guide, Alicia.

She took us to several places that are on the regular tour-

In the above photo, Alicia is telling us about this Franklin restaurant,"Biscuit Love," and it's haunted history. The paranormal activity has subsided since a certain item has been removed from this place, but not entirely, as you can see upon closer examination. Notice the small orbs which show up against the gray part of the building.

Most of the time, the ghost tours are on the outside of the buildings in Franklin, but we got to peek in a couple of windows and take pictures, which resulted in some of our best spirit photos.

This is the interior of Eaton House in which there is ectoplasm galore-on the ceiling, on the back of the desk, in the doorway, on the side of the picture frame, and on the arm of the seat. There is also some glowing ectoplasm on the stairway banister.

I took four pictures of this same room from the same angle, but no two are alike since the ectoplasmic formations are all different.

Greg and I also got to take pictures through the glass at "Shuff's Music." We photographed the mirror which is inside "Shuff's."

Look at all of the orb activity in this photo that Greg took of the mirror! Amazing!

Mine is very similar to Greg's, but it even looks like a ghostly image on the stairway in this one.

The outside of "Shuff's" shows spirit activity as well.

Just look at the obvious orbs in this photo, as well as the less obvious ones.

"Shuff's" was the place that Greg and I requested to go on the tour since we knew that it was very haunted. We had been there a few weeks before on our own during the daytime when I got some ectoplasm in a photo that I took of this side of the building.without even using a flash.

In fact, Alicia said that this area where "Shuff's" is located, on 3rd Ave. N., is the most haunted block of the most haunted street in the South! We believe it!

Of all of the photos that Greg and I took on this tour, we got paranormal activity in about two-thirds of them!

Franklin, Tennessee is one of the most haunted places we have ever visited, and the ghost tour is a must for those who are interested in the paranormal.

Our advice in a word is, "Go!" (If you dare!)


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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Mini Blog Post-Haunted Franklin, Tennessee


This is a mini blog post about historic Franklin, Tennessee which I believe is very haunted from the pictures I've taken in the past.

Here is an example photograph to illustrate what I mean-

This is a photo of the old courthouse in Franklin which I took while visiting a couple of weeks ago. There are some reflections in the windows from the sky, but, the extreme upper left-hand window looks really strange. It even looks like there is snow and ice on the tree limb near that window. There is ectoplasm in other parts of the photo as you can see.

I'm not the only one who believes that Franklin is haunted since there is actually a ghost tour of Franklin. Greg and I plan to go on that tour in a week or two, and I'll share that experience with you on this "Spirit Photographs" blog next month.

We hope to get lots of interesting photos!

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Saturday, July 21, 2018

We Spent the Night at "The (Haunted) Inn at Wise."


As you may know, I have two blogs. Besides "Spirit Photographs," I also have "The Art of Positive Living" blog ( ) which I write and publish the first Sunday of each month unless otherwise stated.

My last blog post, "An Artistic Celebration," on 7/9/18 was about a trip to Southwest Virginia which Greg and I took a couple of weeks ago. On that post, I mentioned that we spent the night at the historic "The Inn at Wise" (which I highly recommend to everyone). For those who are intrigued by the paranormal, I think that you would love this place for it seems to be very haunted!

We arrived at the inn in the wee hours of the morning which is prime time for things that go bump in the night.

Right after we got there, I could hardly wait to start taking pictures because I had heard that this inn was haunted.

Just look at the large orbs,etc. that manifested in this photo! 

This is an old inn, and with so many people spending the night here, throughout the years, many things can happen. And it's the same for other inns, hotels, etc. Maybe a spirit liked a place so much in life, that he decided to go back there after death. Of course, tragedies like murders, etc. can occur in some of these places which can trap a spirit or ghost, hence, a place can become haunted.

I also took some pictures inside the old inn.

I took this photo (above) of a common room which is probably used for relaxing, playing games, etc. I had very little idea of what this room looked like before I took the picture since it was in semi-darkness.

I'm glad I did take this photograph since there seems to be quite a bit of ectoplasm here, some of which is very bright which is a hallmark of some ectoplasm.

It's not just my opinion that this inn is haunted, since the people that run the inn say that at least one room has some supernatural things going on in it!

It's room number 337!

There's a plaque on the wall near the door that says, "Room 337 has provided sanctuary to many. One was Lois Tracy who painted here.* Another was fictional journalist Henry Jernigan from Sharyn Mc Crumb's novel 'The Devil Amongst the Lawyers.'"

We didn't know about this haunted room until we got there, and we'd already booked another room. Too bad, maybe next time! Of course, if you'd like to go and try out that room yourself...! Please email me and let me know how it went. Good luck!


*My grandmother actually took art from Mrs. Tracy many years ago. Also, when I was growing up, my family and I spent the night at an old inn in Asheville, North Carolina that Mrs. Tracy either owned or managed. Bet that inn was haunted as well!

If you liked this blog post, you might enjoy my paranormal book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind." Please see the widget above to order from Amazon. Thank you!

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sending Love from Beyond the Grave?


I have a really interesting photo to show you today! This is not one of mine or one of Greg's; it's one that my brother sent me, and it is, as you might guess, PARANORMAL!

A few weeks ago, we were having a little email chat, and on one of those emails that Nick sent was the photo below-

This is a photograph of the old house where Nick and I grew up in Southwest Virginia. Nick was visiting the area so he drove by and snapped this great picture.

I started wondering if there was anything paranormal about this photograph, so I enlarged and studied it. Sure, enough, it didn't take long to find something very unique, very strange in this photo.

In this close-up, notice the glowing white heart on the door! The heart was not something hanging on the door, and it's nothing to do with the curtain. The reason I know this for a fact is that he also (thankfully!) sent me another photo which was taken directly in front of the house, and no heart was there! (However, some ectoplasm did show up in a couple of the windows.)

I told Nick that I thought the heart was sent by the spirits of Mama and Daddy to show their love. Of course, they used to live there, and probably still visit from time to time. (Or maybe they still live there!)

I know for a fact that this house is haunted. I wrote about it in my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" which is now available either in paperback or as a Kindle download on Amazon. Please see the widget with a picture of my book (above) to order.

Most of the paranormal photos in my book (over 100!) were taken by my husband, Greg, and me (Becky Arnott). Also, Nick has a photo in my book, the regionally famous June Tolliver House ghost photo which is really spooky! See what you think is in the window!

On the outside of a haunted house, most of the time, ghosts and other types of ectoplasm often show up either on the doors or in the windows.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

A New Blog Post, Another Paranormal Photo!


During the last few weeks since my last blog post, I have gotten ectoplasm in a few of my photos, one of which I'm publishing today.

A few days ago, I was in Franklin, Tennessee when I decided to take a picture of  this neat display of flowers with bandannas on the outside of this restaurant. As usual, I wasn't even thinking about taking a paranormal photo. (Unless I'm in an obviously haunted place like Octagon Hall!) (For more info on Octagon Hall, please see my last blog post on 4/21/18, "Octagon Hall, Franklin, Kentucky.")

I took this photo late in the day, and the sun was not shining much at all. Notice the fog-like ectoplasm around the lamps and especially on the brick building next door.

This type of ectoplasm (above) is typical of other photos with ectoplasm that I've taken in Franklin in the past.

For example, here's the photo (above) which I took last October with the same type of fog-like ectoplasm as in the previous photo.

However, notice the different kind of ectoplasm, moving orbs, in front of the picture on the right-hand side of the wall in the close-up of my husband Greg's photo at Octagon Hall-

Several of these really bright, white moving orbs were in many of our Octagon Hall photos as well as the usual, more common fog-like ectoplasm as in the first two photos on this blog post.

You never know what to expect when taking paranormal photos which makes paranormal photography so fascinating!

As I said in my Octagon Hall blog post, that place is really haunted! Also, I might add, so is historic Franklin, Tennessee! The buildings there are really old which makes them more likely to have ghosts, spirits.

Did you know that Carnton Mansion in Franklin is considered to be the most haunted house in Tennessee!

Greg and I would love to go on the ghost tours in Franklin which got an excellent rating on TripAdvisor.


 Also, for many more (over 100!) paranormal photos, check out my book, "Photographic Encounters of the Spirit Kind" which is now available either in paperback or as a kindle download on Amazon. The book contains spirit photographs which Greg, my brother, Nick, a few other people, and I have taken.

The link to my book is:

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